Flowers have been involved in funerals for a very long time. Since the ancient times, flowers were used in many different cultures, traditions, customs and religions in funerals. An example of this is the use of natural scented flowers to cover up the unpleasant odor of the decomposing body during the embalming process. This technique was used long before the modern use of chemicals for preserving human remains.
Another example is the use of flowers for adorning burial sites. Archeological evidence show the remains of garlands discovered inside a coffin in ancient Egypt believed to be 3000 years old. It was theorized that ancient Egyptians wore garlands for the deceased and then left these garlands at the tomb sites. In Rome, flowers were used to ornament bodies. In Eastern traditions, such as Hinduism, the ritual act of worship is translated in English as “The Flower Act”.
The symbolism of flowers varies according to the many different cultures and civilizations. They are symbols of remembrance, cycles of life and death, and connection.

Today, florist in Joliet flowers are used to show and express care, love, respect and sympathy, especially towards the grieving loved ones of the departed. It reminds them of the support, friendship, attachment and provides them with comfort. They are very beautiful to the eyes and sweet to the nose. They provide hope for renewal in the afterlife.
There are different types of florist in Joliet arrangements. One type of arrangement is called a casket spray. The flowers here are simply placed on top of the casket, usually at the center like a crown or at the end. This arrangement is usually from family members, and used as a tribute. A second type of arrangement is called a standing spray or easel which is the most traditional. The flowers in this arrangement are usually a combination of different types of flowers and are hung on a stand and shaped into a wreath or a heart. They usually stand 1 to 3 feet off the ground and are displayed around the coffin. Another arrangement is where the flowers are placed inside the casket at the top corner, which is called an interior casket piece. Other arrangements are also used such as bouquets placed in baskets or vases. It is possible to use a combination of these arrangements.

The most common kinds of flowers used in traditional funerals are Lilies, Gladioli, Carnations, Orchid plant, Roses, Peace lily plant and many others. They say that each of these flowers convey different feelings, meanings, and symbols according to the color. For example, white represents peace, while green represents health. It is good to choose the kind of flower according to the message one wishes to convey, or according to the personality of the deceased. It is also best to consult a skilled florist or a funeral director who is in charge of planning the funeral, for guidance. So if you’re looking for Florist in Joliet or florist in Illinois Chicago please don’t hesitate calling Green Village Flowers and you will not be disappointed.