Flowers express how you feel, especially when in grief. At one point in life, everyone will experience the death of a loved one. They will need close friends and relatives to standby and express their sympathies. You can do that by sending funeral flowers from Green Village Flowers in Plainfield. Expert advice from a florist results in a sophisticated funeral flower arrangement. With the right color of flower and floral arrangement, a grieving family will know these are given with meaning.

What Flowers Represent in Funerals

Flowers are an expression of grief; they are a representation of the kindness we wish to give to the deceased and the compassion we have to the family. For a person to see flowers adorning a funeral venue, it is a symbol of the love the deceased were given during their time alive and a symbol of the people who cared for them.
Death is a tearful separation from a loved one. Hence, the funeral must be planned with the utmost consideration in order to give a proper goodbye. Start by choosing the best florist to work on the funeral flowers from Plainfield, it can help ease the pain of losing a loved one. If a funeral planner has been hired, they can help choose the flowers. The choices of funeral flowers should definitely match the deceased’s personality and beliefs. The planner may decide to work on a theme for a good representation of the loved one’s life. It can be a daunting task but it is work that is well worth it.

Funeral Flowers to Give

If you plan to give a casket spray, leave this option to the bereaved family. The immediate family, which includes the spouse, children, or siblings of the deceased, takes charge of this floral arrangement. There are other options to choose for a funeral floral arrangement. For a more personalized arrangement of funeral flowers from Plainfield’s florist, you may ask the family for their choices of colors, flowers, and floral arrangements. Note that these flowers are given to condole and empathize with them. Here are some types of funeral flowers suited for the deceased.

    • Roses: These are the best funeral flowers. They make a beautiful floral arrangement. If you have white roses, they represent reverence, innocence, and humility. Choosing red roses tributes love, respect, and courage. Pink roses convey love and grace.
    • Chrysanthemums: These are traditional flowers typically used in funeral services. There are lots of colors to choose from such as white, yellow, pink, tan, burgundy, and green. White chrysanthemums signify death, grief, and lamentation. It can also mean truth and honesty. Typically used for funeral tributes are daisy-like single chrysanthemums.
    • Tulips: These are the most recognizable flowers. The best choices for funerals are white tulips which signify respect and remembrance. As the flowers are not shiny, they blend well with funeral floral arrangements.
    • Lilies: It is a typical choice as lilies signify death. As funerals are sorrowful instances, giving lilies make excellent flower choices. It also denotes innocence which restores the soul of the departed. Giving white lilies show your sincerest sympathies.

Prices for Flowers

Depending on your chosen flowers and how these should be arranged, prices of funeral flowers in Plainfield are variable and can really be expensive. If you want to limit expenses for these flowers, you may want to buy flowers that have been readily arranged by florists. Online you see pictures of them. For personalized bouquets, sprays and wreaths, prices are higher. But price doesn’t matter as importantly you give funeral flowers to condole the grieving family.