Sending funeral flowers is a simple yet heartfelt way to express feelings of sympathy during times of grief. Also called sympathy flowers, funeral flowers may be sent to the home, funeral parlor, or church where the grieving process takes place. In case of no ceremonies or visitations, they may be delivered to the house of the relatives of the deceased.
Funeral flowers may be arranged in three ways. When sending funeral flowers in Bolingbrook, knowing the different arrangements can help get you the perfect type to give and the right florist to hire. The following are the types of funeral flower arrangements with brief description.

  • Casket Spray.
  • As the name implies, this type of arrangement is ideally made to be placed on top of the casket. It may also be used on cremations wherein a smaller casket spray is placed beside the picture or urn of the deceased. The closest relatives are often the ones who provide this type of funeral flower arrangement to show respect and love to their dear one.

  • Interior Casket Piece
  • This type is an even smaller funeral flower arrangement, which is often placed inside the casket; at the top part or cover. It can also be seen right next to ribbons where the names of the relatives are written.

  • Standing Spray
  • This type of funeral flower arrangement is somewhat similar to casket spray, although attached onto a tripod. It is normally placed at the side of the casket giving life to the altar. Because it is somewhat difficult to dispose, relatives often choose to give it away as donation to churches, nursing homes, and hospitals as a form of an uplifting décor. Different types of flowers are given away as funeral flowers, although the most common are chrysanthemum, roses, lilies, carnations, and blue flowers like iris and hydrangea. Modern funeral flower arrangements are the popular choice at present, and they are those that combine several types of flowers and colors together.

While you can always choose the color of the flowers to use, most arrangements come in white. Flower arrangements in white often use roses, which signify strong feelings of love. Roses are a popular choice for their beauty and elegance. Blue is another top choice for funeral flowers because it signifies faith and hope. Florists suggest the use of carnation as Flower Shop Joliet when you want one that would last long. If you are sending one soon and would like one that lasts for a week or so, carnations are the best pick. Popular colors when using carnations are white and red, which convey strong sentiment and truth. Certain things must be considered when in need of a funeral flower to prevent future problems and of course, wasting money. Above all, remember that it pays to find a good provider or florist to ensure the quality of flowers and arrangement, and that the flowers are delivered on time. Knowing where you want the floras to be placed also helps you decide the type of arrangement to get. The color is also important, which is why it is often safer to take time and find out whether the relatives of the deceased prefer or follow a particular theme. Colors that match their arrangements are the best pick. If ordering Flower Shop Joliet online, see to it that you have provided the correct name and address of the recipient to prevent delays and extra charges. Green Village Flowers also offers wedding florist plainfield service. So get into contact form and don’t hesitate to send an email or call us !